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Green CO2 – Innovations in Carbon Capture from Biogas

What is Green CO2?

The UK CO2 industry is notoriously volatile and subject to shortages each year. In response, Biogas plants around the UK are now adding innovative carbon capture capabilities to their plants to produce Bio CO2 and control the release of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.

Green CO2 is created when Biogas plants capture and process their CO2 stream to produce a food and beverage quality liquified CO2 which can be used across many industries.

Green CO2 provides a sustainable and reliable source of CO2 which is not disrupted by the market or unexpected shutdowns, unlike the traditional processing of CO2.


Uses of Green CO2

Pro Gases UK supplies quality green CO2 to businesses across the UK to enable business processes such as the following:

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Fire suppression
  • Welding and cutting
  • Water treatment
  • Food packaging
  • Food growing
  • Dry ice production
  • Animal processing

and many more…

Advantages of Green CO2

  • A renewable source of energy – it is a green energy source!
  • Prevents the production of CO2 through processes of burning coal or oil
  • Lessens the damaging impact and improper waste disposal
  • Controls and converts methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced for a cleaner environment
  • Produces a circular economy
  • Provides a sustainable year-round supply of green CO2.


A Reliable Supply of Quality Green CO2

For more information on the benefits of using green CO2 for your business, or to speak to us about our CO2 services, contact us today!

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