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Green Carbon Dioxide
We partner with biogas plants across the UK for our source of green Carbon Dioxide.

What is Green Carbon Dioxide (or Bio CO2)?

Green CO2 is created when biogas plants capture and process their CO2 stream to produce liquified CO2. 

Biogas plants collect green feedstocks and process them in an anaerobic digester to produce biogas. Biogas which contains 55% bio-methane, a renewable fuel, and 45% COis then put through a process called water scrubbing to separate CO2.

CO2 is then tested, purified and liquified to be distributed to customers in industries such as agriculture, breweries, food and beverage and many others.

For more information on anaerobic digestion and the process to create CO2 from biogas plants, read our article here.

The Benefits of Green CO2

Green CO2 provides a sustainable and reliable source of CO2 all year round, which is not disrupted by unexpected shutdowns or shortages, unlike traditional methods of processing CO2. 

Being a by-product from biogas, it is considered green and a more environmentally friendly way to  produce and use CO2.

For more information on the benefits of using green CO2, read our article here.

Bulk Green Carbon Dioxide

We only source green CO2 from biogas plants that produce food grade CO2. This can be used for varying applications across many industries. The most common application includes food and beverage, brewers, farms and dry ice to name a few.

We supply businesses who require large-volumes of CO2 for their business operations, with a consistent supply of gas. Bulk deliveries of CO2 offer a more efficient and cost-effective way of acquiring and managing gas stock levels.

Supporting your business

If you are a customer, work with us to reliably maintain your gas stock levels at competitive prices, so you can focus on other core business activities.

If you are a producer of green CO2 from biogas plants, work with us for distribution that is streamlined and guarantees your gas won’t go to waste.

Bulk delivery to your site

Our team will conduct a site check in preparation for our road tankers to deliver to your business.

Guidance for biogas plants

We have experts who provide advice and support to plants who are on their carbon capture journey.

Our Supply Chain - We Keep it Simple

Speak to our team

If you are looking for a green source of bulk CO2 at competitive prices, or would like to switch to us as a supplier, get in touch today.