Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Pro Gases UK’s liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is quality tested and certified for food grade products. Our CO2 can be used for food and beverage and industrial purposes. We only use Green CO2 – a renewable source of Carbon Dioxide from biogas.

Food & Beverage Uses

Typically used to create a modified atmosphere for food packaging. Used to inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and moulds.

CO2 is also used to carbonate drinks, as well as serving as a protective measure that keeps the soft drink fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria in the liquid while stored.

Industrial Uses

Typically used for MAG welding of carbon steels with solid and flux cored wires. Also used for welding stainless and alloy steels but with flux cored wires only.

Cylinder Sizes:

10L, 30L, 50L

Gas Type:

Welding gas / Food preservation

Gas Mixture:

100% Carbon Dioxide

Welding Type:


safety data sheet


Helium (Balloon Gas)
Proshield Argon 20%
Proshield Argon 15%
Proshield Argon 5%

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