Industrial Argon

We have a secure supply of industrial Argon, sourced from state-of-the-art air separation plants.

We supply Industrial Argon, a non-reactive and inert gas, that is used for diverse applications across multiple industries. Primarily used in industrial settings, argon serves purposes such as arc welding and fire suppression.

At Pro Gases UK, we cater to businesses in need of substantial volumes of Argon for their operations, providing a reliable and uninterrupted gas supply. Our bulk deliveries of argon offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for acquiring and managing gas stock levels, ensuring smooth and seamless operations for your business.

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Supporting your business

If you are a customer, you can confidently entrust the task of consistently and affordably maintaining your gas stock levels with our team. 

If you are a supplier, collaborating with us ensures streamlined distribution that guarantees the efficient utilisation of your gas supply.

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