Contract Filling

Supplying Argon, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Mixed Gases.

For most businesses reliant on gases for their day-to-day operations, it is essential they receive a dependable service that supplies them with the volume of gas they need, when they need it.

Pro Gases is the only independent industrial and beverage gas refiller in Merseyside and surrounding areas, but with a national reach. Using an independent supplier such as Pro Gases ensures you receive fast and reliable access to gases you depend upon without the impact or slowdown of other external suppliers.

Secure competitively priced, reliable refilling supply with a company who has invested significantly in storage and accreditations. Our contract filling service allows businesses to focus on growing and nurturing their business with the support and certainty of gas supply.

Benefits of contract filling with Pro Gases:
  • Nationwide collection/delivery
  • Reliability in gas supply, quantity of gases available
  • Commitment to quality
  • Can offer cylinder refurbishment and replacement valve where necessary
  • High service levels
  • Price guarantee
  • Collection/delivery included in fill price
  • No hidden charges
  • Independent supplier
  • A family run business.

Our service covers Argon, CO2, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Mixed Gases for use in all our core markets including food and beverage, industrial, welding and more.

Contract Filling Service

Being a Pro Gases contract refill customer means you benefit from our comprehensive collect, fill and re-delivery service. Our experienced team ensures cylinders are within test standard and in good and safe condition for use.

If cylinders are found to be out of test period or need a repair, we arrange for them to be repaired or re-tested, refilled and returned in full service condition.