At Pro Gases, we know that having a dependable, reliable long term volume supply of gas is essential to your business.

Having successfully worked with a number of customers, we have now scaled up to offer a dedicated contract filling service to our customers around the UK.

Secure competitively priced, reliable refilling supply with a company who has invested significantly in storage and accreditations.

Our contract filling service allows businesses to focus on growing and nurturing their business with the support and certainty of gas supply.

Benefits of contract filling with Pro Gases

Contract filling service

Our service covers co2 gas bottles, nitrogen gas bottles, oxygen, argon and helium for use in all our core markets including food and beverage, industrial, welding and more.

Being a Pro Gases contract refill customer means you benefit from our comprehensive collect, fill and re-delivery your cylinders. Our experienced team always check cylinders to ensure they are still within test standard and are in good repair and validate cylinder ownership.

If cylinders are found to be out of test period or need a repair, we can arrange for them to be repaired or re-tested, refilled and returned in full service condition.

You can count on Pro Gases.

Formed forty years ago Pro Gases is the North West’s most reliable and trusted gas supplier, providing gas solutions for both domestic and commercial clients.

We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. We ensure that we can price match or lower and deliver gas supplies to your home or place of business, free of charge within 24 hours.