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XTT 353P AC/DC Pulsed TIG Inverter

£2,200.00 ex. VAT

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350A AC/DC TIG Inverter 400V

AC/DC Output The XTT 353P AC/DC can be used in both AC and DC modes for TIG or MMA welding allowing the welding of virtually any metal. Square wave AC output and power pulsing maximises productivity whilst reducing heat output. The majority of steels can be welded in DC mode quickly using the pulse power function. The AC mode allows the welding of aluminium and magnesium alloys. The square wave output maximises adjustable frequency maximises the arc energy, offering high welding speeds when coupled with the power pulsing function. Generator Friendly The XTT 353P AC/DC is able to cope with inputs which fluctuate by +/-15% & can be used with the majority of generators.


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