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Jasic Tig 200 Pulse AC/DC Mini Digital Package

£1,189.99 ex. VAT

SKU ZXJT-200DS Category Brand:


The JASIC TIG 200P AC/DC mini inverter welder is a technologically advanced single-phase inverter power source offering an ultra portable solution.

The innovative and user-friendly control panel offers a digital weld cycle, welding modes and an autosave memory function on shut down.

The excellent technical characteristics of the TIG 200 AC/DC welding inverter make it an ideal choice for professionally qualified TIG welders that require precise and reliable welding performance.

Jasic Tig 200P 230V AC/DC Compact Inverter Package includes power source, TIG torch and adaptor, gas regulator, work return lead & clamp

Jasic TIG 200 Pulse Quality Standards


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