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Powered Air Purifying Respirator For Particulate Environments

£430.00 ex. VAT

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XR940A supplies clean air reducing the effort required to breathe in fume environments. The electronic system for controlling the airflow monitors the blower in order to ensure a constant flow of min.170nI/min*. The operating time of XR940A with a fully charged battery depends on the & filter state but run time on the low setting is normally more than 11 hours & 9 hours on the high setting.

Has enhanced warning signals, optical and audible alarms for low power, clogged filter and reduced airflow. The welding helmet Features a multi adjustable headband with enhanced supports to spread the load evenly on the wearers head, vibration warning for low air flow.

Comes with the XR937H true colour cartridge for enhanced clarity.

Support provided by removable shoulder straps.
The unit is fitted with a P3 Particulate main filter coupled with a carbon odour pre filter & a stainless steel spark trap to preserve the filters, all filters are replaceable. Filter lifetime is dependant upon the working environment. The unit is not suitable for operation in areas where the oxygen supply is depleted or risk of toxic gas build up. TH3P Protection factor 500

TH3P filter applications

  • Metal Grinding & cutting applications
  • Welding of Aluminium by MIG or TIG process
  • Welding of Stainless Steel MIG & TIG processes
  • Welding of steel by MMA, MIG or TIG
  • Welding of Zinc coated steel by MIG or TIG
    Staying safe and protected is essential when working in any environment, a welding one is no different. Parweld offers a range of hard wearing welding safety equipment ideal for workshop use.Arc welding generates visible light, infrared and ultra violet radiation, which can damage eyes and skin.
    The Parweld XR938H True Colour Light Reactive Welding Helmet offers the latest innovative protection for the welder.

    Conforms to European standards
    The XR935H Light Reactive Helmet is independently certified to BS EN 379 and BS EN 175, EN 166, BS EN 379:2003+A1:2009, BS EN 175:1997, BS EN 166:2002.


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