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Parweld XR950A Flip Filter Welding and Grinding helmet with Air Respirator

£500.00 ex. VAT

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The new Parweld XR950a welding ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) flips inside the helmet to give a wide view grinding visor. The unique internal flip design gives exceptional balance. The ADF has dual shade range, variable from 4-8 and 9-13. All the controls are external so no need to fiddle inside the helmet even for the finest of adjustment. Option of grinding mode with the visor down to reduce glare when close to other welding operations. The ADF is true colour providing the welder with a clear view seeing more colours giving a realistic view of the weld

Helmet Features:

· ADF Flips up inside Helmet
· Wide Field of View Area
· Automatic Darkening
· True Colour View
· Variable Shade 4 to 13
· ADF exceptional clarity and optical quality rated 1/1/1/1 EN 379
· External Controls
· Variable Sensitivity and Delay
· Automatic On and Off, solar cells and built in battery
· Front Visor for High Impact Protection
· Clear state 3.0 for exceptional pre-weld clarity
· Adustable Headgear multiple rake positions for precise fit
· Slim and lightweight
· Ergonomically Balanced to Increase Comfort
· 24 Month Warranty

Air Purifying Respirator Features:

· Simple and Clear status display
· Smooth and ultra-quiet brushless motor
· Variable airflow speed control
· Removable li/ion battery with 10hrs run time
· Easy to operate controls
· Supplied with a P3 main filter, activated carbon pre filter and metal spark arrester
· Light weight, less than 1.1kg


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