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Proshield Argon 15%

Proshield Argon 15% is a shielding gas delivering a superior welding performance, ideal for MIG / MAG welding of thicker sheet carbon, greater than 10mm thick.

Proshield Argon 15% is filled to the highest quality, meeting ISO 14175: 2008 Standards.

Cylinder Sizes: 10L, 30L, 50L
Gas Type: Welding gas
Gas Mixture: 83% Argon, 15% CO2, 2% O2
Welding Type: Shielding
Welding Processes: Arc welding

Uses: Light to medium plate fabrication, structural steels works, bridgework, vehicle manufacture and general fabrication.


  • Very easy to use, gives a strong weld for a low expenditure
  • Low oxidation potential and low levels of nitrogen and moisture
  • High weld yeild strength
  • Good weld appearance with minimal spatter
  • Minimizes rework and finishing.


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