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Type 5 Welding & Cutting Set

£185.00 ex. VAT

SKU T5WCS5 Category


Type 5 Welding & Cutting Set

Set Includes:
Single Stage 2 Gauge Oxygen Regulator 300 Bar
Single Stage 2 Gauge Acetylene Regulator 25 Bar
In Line Flashback Arrestor – Oxygen
In Line Flashback Arrestor – Fuel
8mm Blue Hose 5m fitted with 3/8” Check Valve
8mm Red Hose 5m fitted with 3/8” Check Valve
Type 5 Shank
Type 5 Cutting Attachment
Type 5 Welding Mixer
Swaged Welding Nozzle No.5
Swaged Welding Nozzle No.7
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/32”
ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/64”
Metal Box Tip Cleaner
Single Flint Lighter
Combination Spanner
Stainless Steel Tool Case


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