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Pro Gases launches online sales on 5L and 10L gases

We’re delighted to advise that we can now take online orders for a number of our popular 5L and 10L gases.

Here’s the quick list. Click through to the relevant product section to place an order.

SectorName/RefProduct Name / DescriptionSymbolUnit Price excl VAT
Pub GasesCo2Carbon Dioxide 3.15KGCo2£85.00
Pub GasesCo2Carbon Dioxide 6.35KGCo2£110.00
Pub GasesMixed Gas5L Mixed Gas 70/30MG£85.00
Pub GasesMixed Gas10L Mixed Gas 70/30MG£110.00
Pub GasesMixed Gas5L Mixed Gas 60/40MG£85.00
Pub GasesMixed Gas10L Mixed Gas 60/40MG£110.00
IndustrialPure Argon5L 230BAR Pure ArgonAr£85.00
IndustrialPure Argon10L 230BAR Pure ArgonAr£110.00
IndustrialArgon Mix5L 230BAR Argon MixAr£85.00
IndustrialArgon Mix10L 230BAR Argon MixAr£110.00
IndustrialOxygen5L 200BAR OxygenO2£85.00
IndustrialOxygen10L 200BAR OxygenO2£110.00
IndustrialHelium10L 200BAR HeliumHe£250.00
IndustrialNitrogen10L 200BAR NitrogenN£110.00

(These can be hyperlinked).

You’ll get an order confirmation quickly and then we’ll be in touch about delivery specifics.

Do bear with us as we fully automate this process, as it’s just a trial at the moment.

Our team remains on standby to assist with any specific technical or logistical questions. And if you have an urgent enquiry, it’s always best to call first.

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