How Nitrogen and Oxygen are Used in Semiconductor Manufacturing

As technology evolves and we continue to innovate, semiconductor manufacturers are under increasing pressure to create and produce smaller, faster performing components. The use of quality gases is an essential part of this process.


Nitrogen and Oxygen are two of the commonly used gases in semiconductor manufacturing. Nitrogen, because of its inert nature, as well as being cheap and readily available. Oxygen, because of its purity and properties as an oxidizing agent. 


Here we provide high-level insight into the qualities of Nitrogen and Oxygen, and how each gas is used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.




Nitrogen contains compounds such as ammonia and nitrous oxide which are used in the process of deposition to fabricate high-quality semiconductors. During deposition, substrate and gaseous reactants interact within a reaction chamber at high temperatures. This results in progressive layers of thin films of material – this process is continued until the wanted thickness is achieved.


Nitrogen is also used in the process of purging. Purging is used to keep surfaces free from other gaseous and liquid contaminants that could negatively impact the manufacturing process. In this process, Nitrogen is passed through all channels and piping to displace oxygen from contaminating production tools.




In the process of silicon layer deposition, Oxygen forms a vital part of the deposition reactions. It can be used with Argon or helium as co-substrates to further activate the process. This combination at elevated temperatures is the basis for the creation of basic semiconductor materials.


Oxygen in its highest purity can be used in the neutralization of waste gases by oxidant reactions. A stream of oxygen through abatement equipment is used to purge reactive by-products that might later impact the quality of semiconductor components.


For more detailed insights into the use of Oxygen and Nitrogen for industrial purposes, please contact us for more information.

For manufacturers of semiconductors, a reliable and quality source of gases is essential for their day-to-day performance, and the overall quality of their finished products.
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