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Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Gases (UK) Ltd are global suppliers of high quality, high end seamless steel and aluminium cylinders supplying the beer and gas, mechanical and industrial, medical, marine/offshore and oil and gas industries, nationwide suppliers of bulk food grade EIGA approved CO2 and an all-in-one gas supplier, providing CO2, helium, oxygen, nitrogen and more.

Because of the need to keep records of cylinder tests, cylinder age and contents, we’re legally unable to help you with existing bottles. You need to talk to your current supplier.

All Pro Gases UK cylinders are fitted with standard industrial gas valves used by companies such as BOC, Linde & Air Products. If you have been using an industrial gas cylinder previously, your regulators will fit.

For the fastest response, call 0151 922 1118. Or you can email

We’re more than happy to give you a bigger cylinder, just bear in mind it may cost more.

Yes, a deposit would be required on further cylinders. All Pro Gases UK cylinders belong to us and we are responsible for the cylinder maintenance and HSE testing. This covers the cost of lost and damaged cylinders.

Give us a call and we’ll let you know if there is an agent in your area. Otherwise, we offer next day delivery if you’re early enough.

Unwanted cylinders can be returned to us. Let us know first though as refunds may be due and they are calculated on the length of time you’ve had the bottle and its size.

Cylinders should always be stored in well-ventilated areas. Cylinders in storage should be properly secured to prevent toppling or rolling. Cylinders stored in the open should be protected against rusting and extremes of weather and should not be stored in conditions that could encourage corrosion. Full and empty cylinders should be stored separately and upright. Cylinders held in storage should be regularly checked.

All gas cylinders require an HSE test usually every 10 years, so we do need to check them when the test date is up.

Physical dimensions and weight of cylinders may vary but the contents remain the same. The weight of the cylinder may vary but contents remains the same.

Cylinder usage

Obviously, this is not recommended and could be very dangerous.

This is normal as cylinder weight can vary. The volume of contents, however, will remain the same.

In the unlikely event of obtaining a faulty cylinder from Pro Gases UK, please return your cylinder to us as soon as possible. Once the cylinder has been returned and tested, and if found defective, we will issue a replacement.

Cylinder gauges can be temperamental. If it suggests your cylinder is less than 2/3 of stated pressure, book it in for a check by getting in touch. It’s unusual, as we use certified and calibrated gauges. But cylinder gauges on your regulator can be affected by the slightest of knocks.

Gas expands as temperature increases and contracts when cold. As the ambient temperature drops, it will result in a lower pressure reading. We follow guidance that recommends cylinder pressure ratings are filled based on 15ºC.

You may have a leak. Turn the cylinder off by its valve when you are finished using it, as even a small leak can empty your cylinder over time.

Although our CO2 gas cylinders are filled from the same bulk source, it is advised to use food grade CO2 for all home brewing. The cylinders are segregated minimalising the chances of cross contamination.