Accredited Gas Suppliers in the North West

PRO GASES UK, located on Forth St in Liverpool, is the Northwest’s most reliable and trusted gas supplier, providing gas solutions for both domestic and commercial clients.

We're Trusted

A family-run business, founded in 1977 with over 40 years’ experience in the gas industry. You might call us experts! Over the many years, we have supplied our loyal customers with the benefits of gas, such as LPG for heating, cooking and energy solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. We ensure that we can price match or lower, and deliver gas supplies to your home or place of business, free of charge within 24 hours.


Beer and Cellar Gases

PRO GASES UK are the leading supplier of beer and cellar gas industry within the north west. We pride ourselves in supplying a Free same day delivery service whilst offering the most competitive price.

Welding Gases (MIG And TIG)

Our range of professional welding gases which are very competitively priced and have no rental, collection or delivery charges on. All our welding gas gives you an excellent weld and minimal costs.


We offer a range of Rent Free refillable helium canisters. We are proud to be suppliers of rent free gas bottles in Ireland and over the years we have continued to provide our loyal customers with great prices. Our helium canisters are available to buy without the continual rent charged by many other gas suppliers.